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The Most Common Types of Commercial Awnings of 2022

Get to know the most common types of Commercial Awnings available to make your property look amazing and unique in 2022. Does it sound interesting? Then take a look at our top choices for you!

For years, businesses have been using awnings to attract customers and even advertise their business because of their ability to catch a customer’s attention. Awnings are excellent additions to any commercial space. They are the finishing touch needed to make a business look complete while still offering coverage in extreme weather conditions.

There are many types of commercial awnings.

To enjoy the many benefits they offer, you must ensure you choose the best one for your business premise. However, choosing the right one for your business may be intimidating and confusing. This article covers everything you need to know about the types of commercial awnings in the market to make the process easier for you.

Types of commercial awnings for 2022

Entryway awnings

These are the most common types of commercial awnings you will come across. Entryway awnings come in a wide range of styles and shapes. Because they are meant for a business entryway, they are usually small, concave-like awnings mainly used for decorative purposes. However, they also offer shade from extreme weather.

Entryway awnings

Options include square, convex, domed, open wing, and elongated dome, among other styles commonly used at entryways. Entryway awnings are the perfect option for any business interested in improving its brand awareness while displaying its stylistic flair.

Pathway awnings

These are specialized commercial awnings that work like entryway awnings, even though they are longer than the standard entryway awnings. These types of awnings travel along a path that leads to a business stairway or door. They are ideal for businesses located at the back of a building, significantly away from the street. They can be used for advertising purposes or simply offer coverage for customers wanting to make their way to the business on a sunny, hot, or rainy day.

Window awnings

These are also common types of awnings used for commercial spaces. Window awnings serve two purposes. They can be used as decorative pieces to increase the curb appeal by adding style to a building and complementing an existing entryway awning.

Window awnings

Window awnings are also used for light and UV rays control. This helps keep cooling costs low while still managing to keep a building cool. Blocking out UV sun rays also protects furniture, floors, and surfaces from premature fading caused by direct sun rays.

Patio awnings

While patio awnings are common in residential homes, they can also be used in commercial spaces to turn an unused outdoor space into a comfortable area to use, even in extreme weather. Lateral arm retractable awnings can be used to cover a deck or pavement to expand an indoor space.

They are most notably used by restaurants and cafes that want to offer an outdoor space where patrons can sit without worrying about sitting directly under the sun or rain.

Retractable commercial patio awnings are the best options because they can be pulled back or extended depending on the weather, and they require very little maintenance.

Inside awnings

In some cases, commercial awnings can be put up inside a building instead of outside. This is commonly found in stores located in larger spaces like shopping centers, malls, or in special areas of a store. Examples include a sampling stand inside a supermarket, a ticketing booth in a movie theatre, or a deli spot inside a large grocery store.

Inside awnings

Inside awnings are excellent options when you need to highlight a store or stand inside a bigger space. They can be used for advertising and attracting customers to the stand.

Commercial awnings for restaurants

Restaurants are some of the most common industries that use commercial awnings. They are used to block UV rays while offering patrons a comfortable outdoor sitting space.

Options include retractable pergolas, outdoor sitting awnings, window shades, and louvered roofs. These awnings allow fresh air circulation and natural lighting into the restaurant, creating a pleasant dining experience.

Commercial awnings for offices

Commercial awnings for offices are designed to allow air ventilation while offering protection from harmful UV rays. Rolling shutters are some of the most common types of awnings for office spaces.

They protect the windows from harsh weather while adding extra security to the business. Rolling shutters can also prevent heat loss in the winter season, which reduces heating costs.

Commercial awnings for offices

Solar screens are also common awning options for offices. These are used to reduce the amount of direct sun entering the building, lowering the cooling costs in hot weather months.

Commercial awnings for boutiques and stores

Storefront awnings are the most common commercial awnings used in stores and boutiques. They are loved for their aesthetic value and alluring appearance. With the right entryway or window awning, a business can make an excellent first impression and become more noticeable to passersby.

Storefront awnings come in numerous designs and patterns to make them eye-catching. In addition to their attractive appearance, you can also use them to advertise your brand and logo in a way that leaves a permanent mark in the mind of anyone walking by the store.

Commercial awnings for hospitals

While most commercial spaces use awnings for curb appeal and advertising, hospital awnings are purely functional. They are used to offer a shaded area outside of the hospital entrance where they offer protection for patients arriving at the hospital.

A shaded space next to the hospital entrance offers a less traumatic transfer of patients from a vehicle to the hospital, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Metal standing seam awnings are the most preferred awnings for hospitals and medical facilities. These are made with sturdy structures that make them long-lasting and weatherproof. Also, the material used to construct these awnings require little maintenance while offering years of service.

If you are looking for the best types of commercial awnings for your business, you can contact us for the best awnings services in Tampa.

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