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What Is an Awning? 10 Reasons to Use One in 2022

Do you have an open outdoor space you would like to make more livable? Awnings are some of the best solutions for any residential or commercial property for shading opening spaces like patios, decks, walkways, and even porches.

Apart from covering large outdoor spaces, awnings can also be used to offer shade under doors and windows around a home. They offer many more benefits other than improving the curb appeal of the outdoors.

For most people, the idea to install awnings comes as an afterthought while standing in heavy rain trying to unlock their door or baking in the scorching sun while trying to relax on a new patio.

What is an awning, and what are the benefits of installing them in 2022? If you are new to awnings, here is everything you need to know.

What is an awning?

An awning is a roof-like shade that can be installed on open spaces to provide shade from weather elements while still allowing you to enjoy natural light. While they are mainly decorative, awnings are also highly functional, with the ability to reduce heating or cooling costs in homes and commercial places.

what is an awning

Awnings comprise a frame structure made of steel or aluminum that holds a type of cover that is usually weather-resistant. Apart from offering shade for windows, doors, and patios, it can also be used as a standalone structure built over a pool area or hot tub. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get relief from weather elements in an outdoor space.

Shielding your home from harsh weather changes reduces cooling and heating utility costs and protects your windows, doors, surfaces, and furniture from premature fading and aging.

What are the different types of awnings?

Generally, there are two types of awnings.

Stationary awnings

These are awnings that have the frame attached to an outer wall of a building or house. These can be placed anywhere around the house that needs protection from the elements. Since they are stationary, they are inflexible and cannot be moved or adjusted.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure these types of awnings remain in the best condition while withstanding regular weather changes.

Stationary awnings

Retractable awnings

While retractable awnings are installed in the same way as stationary ones, the main difference is that they come with mechanics that allow them to be retracted or stretched when needed. This gives the user versatility and control over the level of sun rays allowed in a space.

Retractable awnings are best for decks and patios and mostly come with canvas covers that can be pulled away when the weather is cool and extended when the weather is harsh.

Retractable awnings

What are the 10 reasons to use awnings in 2022?

1. Awnings lower cooling costs

If you are spending too much on cooling costs in your home, you should consider installing an awning for your doors and windows. Whenever the sun hits your doors or windows, it increases the AC load by up to 20%, which increases the cost of cooling your home.

When installed, awnings reduce how much outside heat gets into the house through your windows and block direct sun rays. This helps to maintain cooler temperatures indoors without needing to cool with an AC. By limiting the amount of sun heat entering the home, you will notice a significant decrease in the cost of cooling.

2. Protection from weather elements

With the proper awning installation, you can protect your home and outdoor space and furniture from damaging weather elements such as heavy rain, sun rays, and snow. Exposing your skin to UV rays when relaxing on your porch has a damaging effect over the long term. It is also damaging to your furniture and pets. 

An awning will provide the shade you need to protect your furniture from premature fading and wasting. The best part about an awning is that it allows you to enjoy the outdoors even in bad weather.

3. Boosting the curb appeal

Apart from protecting you and your space from extreme weather, awnings are also decorative elements that can be added to your home. You can increase your home’s curb appeal with the right awnings, making it stand out from the other houses around you. Awnings come in different colors, styles, and designs, making it easy to find an option that complements the natural aesthetics of your home.

4. Expanded outdoor living space

What is an awning? An awning is an additional home improvement structure that can be used to expand existing living spaces in your home. If you have a space outside of your sitting room, dining space, or kitchen that you would want to use more often, installing an awning on this space can help expand it as part of your indoor living space. This is one of the best benefits of installing an awning in 2022.

5. Prevents water damage

Because of the slanting and extended nature of awnings, you can keep water away from your doors and windows. This helps to prevent water damage and leaks that occur when your windows and doors are exposed to weather elements.

An awning will ensure water does not sip through under the door and get into the house. This helps to prevent mildew, warping, and mold, which is damaging and dangerous. An awning is an excellent way of avoiding expensive repair costs from water damage.

6. Creating an eco-friendly outdoor space

The fact that an awning can help reduce cooling costs around your home makes them eco-friendly. With less energy usage around the home for cooling, you automatically decrease the effects of global warming on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

7. Awnings are low maintenance

Awnings are created to offer a sophisticated design level with performance. Since most of them are made from 100% weatherproof acrylic fabric, they are weather-resistant and mildew repellant. This material is also relatively easy to clean and maintain, which keeps them in their best shape for years.

8. Increasing your home’s resale value

When you install an awning in your home, the boosted curb appeal and protection of the natural surfaces around the house from fading and premature damage work together to increase the home’s resale value. This is an excellent way of making your home attractive to potential buyers if you plan on selling in the future.

9. You control the atmosphere on your deck

This is a benefit you can enjoy when you install a retractable awning in Awning Tampa. The ability to extend and drawback a retractable awning means that you have better control of the temperatures on your patio or deck. This way, you are able to enjoy the cool breeze when the weather is not too hot or maximum shade when the weather is unfriendly.

10. Branding and advertisement benefits

If you run a business, installing awnings on the door, windows of outside eating space present an opportunity for free advertising and branding. By incorporating your logo and brand on the awning, you can give your business entryway a seamless, classy yet beneficial appearance.

Advancements in technology make it possible for you to create just about any effect on your awning to meet your advertisement needs. A well-branded awning is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness by leaving a lasting impressing on people who regularly pass by the business.

Is an awning right for me?

Whether you are looking to increase the resale value of your home, protect yourself and your property from harmful UV rays, or simply give your outdoor space a welcoming feel, awnings are the best choices for your outdoor space cover needs.

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