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12 Inspiring Patio Awning Designs That Will Make You Want One

If you are planning to redesign your patio in Tampa, Florida, one of the things you need to consider is installing an awning. apart from giving the space a sophisticated ad colorful finish, awnings offer many other benefits.

Retractable patio awning designs give you the freedom to control how much sun coverage you want at any time, while stationary awnings offer full coverage all year round. Awnings are also excellent options if you want to reduce the cooling cost in your home. With an awning, you can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%.

Here are 12 amazing patio awning designs you may want to consider for your home.

Fabric awnings

You should consider using fabric awnings on a pergola porch extension if you are into a stable look for your patio. In the absence of a pergola, you can use a large fabric in a color of your choice. It should be large enough to cover the entire porch and support it from the wall or roof shingles.

Fabric awnings are especially familiar in sunny locations like Tampa Florida, Arizona, and California.

Aawning designs 2022

If you have a corner porch, you can create a rolling-style porch shade by attaching rolling shades to metal beams placed in front of the house to imitate a pergola. You can then furnish the space with corner benches to create an intimate outdoor space for day lounging.

patio awning design

Retractable awnings

Having a small porch does not mean you cannot have a well-designed porch awning. For small spaces, you should consider retractable fabric awnings. These are jointed to the wall of the house and so do not need additional poles for support.

You can choose an awning fabric that complements your home’s exterior space and decorate the space with furniture that will complete the look you are going for.

retractable patio awning

Shade sails

Sail shades are some of the easiest and most affordable porch awnings to install. From sheer fabric covers to bistro sail shades, there are plenty of options in the market to choose from.

If your porch is irregular shapes, you can mask this by installing an irregular shapes sail shade. You can consider using the fabric of choice tied to the shingles of your roof or tree. This will give your porch enough coverage to make a livable outdoor space. Using string lights, you can spice things up to give the space a calm and romantic vibe.

patio shade sails

Retractable awning for larger spaces

Retractable awnings are an expensive awnings option. However, once installed and well cared for, they can offer outdoor shading for years without the need for replacement. The best part is that retractable awnings come in a wide range of options.

If you live in a very hot area, you can opt for retractable fabric awnings that are automatic or manual. If you live in a rainy area, you can choose an automatic awning with a tough synthetic, waterproof fabric.

For manual retractable awnings, you can choose between vinyl pergolas or wood, customized to fit the awning cover material of your choice.

Retractable awning for larger spaces

Aluminum awnings

In terms of awning covers and shades, aluminum is one of the most affordable, lightweight, and durable options. Once installed, it can9– be weatherproofed, making it one of the best investments you can make for your home.

You can accessorize with industrial-style pendant lights paired with wooden flooring and furniture.

Aluminum awnings for patios

Wood pergola awning

Aesthetically, wood is one of the most versatile materials for a porch awning. You can be sure that it will blend well with your home’s exterior space, regardless of the design. Adapting a roof extension design is one of the best ways to create an outstanding pergola porch awning. This gives a continuous extension of the concrete roof in your home and transitions to wood.

Wood pergola awning

Free-standing awnings

If you are looking to separate your porch’s space from your house, you can consider going for a free-standing porch awning. You can also create a free-standing porch awning that transitions from the main house. Free-standing porch awnings are a luxurious addition to any backyard that perfectly combine with wood, stone, or insulated metal roofing.

Free-standing awnings

Stationary awnings

If you need a more permanent shade for your porch, you can consider going for a fixed design. Canopy porch awnings are the most popular fixed awnings in the market, even though there is a lot more to explore. For instance, you can use cedar wood beams attached to the house’s walls to support the awning cover, or go for a glass and metal roof extension awning if you want a more waterproof option.

Stationary awnings for patio

Steel awnings

If you are more interested in hard porch awnings that will give you decades of service, you should consider metal porch awnings. The metal rods supporting the cover can attach directly from the house’s walls to make an outdoor space an extension of an inside dining area or sitting area. Metal awnings give a home a sophisticated industrial vibe that can match the design of a sophisticated home.

Steel awnings for patios

Automatic vertical awnings

Vertical porch awnings trends are on the rise thanks to their practicality for anyone interested in creating an enclosed porch space without having to use permanent walls. Vertical porch awnings can be made either from aluminum or fabric, depending on the home’s aesthetics and your preference. For a vertical porch awning, the side screen glides vertically on side cables.

Automatic vertical awnings for patio

Awning lighting option

Adding a lighting effect to a design is one of the best porch awning ideas you can implement. Choosing the right type of lighting and arrangement will give the space a dreamy and cozy feel, ideal for intimate dinners or outdoor night family time. To attain the complete bistro feel, you should consider installing string lights.

Awning with lighting

Regardless of the size of your patio, rest assured that it is possible to find a patio awning design that will fit right in. This article highlights inspiring patio awning designs you can consider for your home depending on the size, design, and preference you want for your patio.

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