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12 Awesome Patio Awnings Ideas You Can’t Miss in 2022

With these awesome 21 patio awnings ideas your house will look as good as you can imagine. Don’t miss them out!

One of the best things about having a spacious outdoor space in your home is its versatility, whether you need a space to host friends or simply relax and soak in the sun on a Sunday afternoon. To make the space even more usable, you can consider installing an awning. With the right awning, you can turn your outdoor into a livable space that can be used all year round, rain or shine.

The best thing about patio awnings is that you can have them customized to match the aesthetics of your home. This way, the new shade will look like part of the house from the start. Not only with a patio awning offer shade and protection, but it also makes a space more visually attractive, which boosts a home’s curb appeal.

If you are considering installing an awning over your patio but are unsure of the style choice to go for, this article rounds up 12 of the best patio awning ideas to choose from.

12 awesome patio awnings ideas for you

1. Polycarbonate awnings

Polycarbonate awnings are simply plastic awnings, usually very light in weight, made from the same material as bulletproof glass. These types of awnings are made to be sturdy and wind-resistant to ensure they offer adequate shelter from the elements.

Polycarbonate awnings are excellent choices for homeowners looking for a modern feel for their patios. Depending on the atmosphere you want to set around the patio, you can choose to have them 100% transparent or tinted.

2. Thatched roof patio awnings

If you live in a coastal town, this is probably the most common type of awning you come across and are excellent if you want to give your patio a tiki bar vibe. Most thatched patio options are built to fit as there are not many premade options in the market.

Because natural grass dries after a short while, it is normal for awning experts to use artificial thatch roofing to get the same effect. This looks like woven grass, though artificial. Using artificial grass for your thatched patio cover can also be beneficial insurance-wise.

patio awning ideas

3. Pergola patio awnings

If you want to have some shade on your patio without completely blocking the sun, a pergola awning is a perfect option for your needs. The roof of this ideal is made of small planks of wood installed to create a louvered roof.

It is important to note that pergola awnings offer very little protection from UV rays and cannot be completely reliable for cooling. Therefore, they are best suited for open spaces that only require roof covering. However, pergolas are excellent options when you want your patio to still let in natural light.

4. Sail shades patio awnings

Sail shades are a type of awning cover that comes in triangular or square fabric fitted with eye-hooks at the corners. These eye hooks have metal clips that attach to brackets that are fitted permanently in the walls of a home.

These are ideal patio awning options for someone looking for a reliable patio awning idea on a budget. Unlike regular awnings, sail shades do not need a metal frame. This makes them very easy to hang up and takedown. The installation process is fairly easy and takes minimal time when you have a ladder and drill.

5. Fixed aluminum patio awnings

If you are looking for affordable but reliable patio awnings ideas, you should consider aluminum awnings. These are inexpensive metal shade structures suitable for any patio, regardless of the size or design. Because of their ease of painting, it is possible to match them with your home aesthetics, making it look as natural as possible.

Fixed aluminum patio awnings

6. Composite metal patio awnings

These types of awnings replaced steel awnings, which were most popular before the 90s. Even though steel awnings are still preferred for most commercial buildings, especially malls and restaurants, the composite option is preferred for homes.

Composite metal awnings are made using various source metals formed into alloys. These alloys are then pressed or extruded to desired shapes. Because of the nature of these types of metal awnings, they do not come in premade kids and are thus measured to fit for different patios. These are heavy materials that require professional installation.

7. Retractable fabric patio awnings

These are the most classic patio awning ideas on the market. Fabric awnings can come in either vinyl, acrylic, or coated canvas to suit different user needs and preferences. The right fabric choice also depends on where you live, as some are more weatherproof than others. Since they are retractable, these awnings can be pulled back or spread. You can spread them when you want to create shade from the sun or rain and pull them back to allow the sun into the space.

Since they are retractable, they come fitted with either manual cranks or motor ones. You can have them fitted with automatic wind sensors to roll up and become wind resistant.

Retractable fabric patio awnings

8. Open slat patio awning

Open slat awnings comprise standard aluminum or wood awning frame. However, the middle part s covered in joists instead of fabric. These joists are aligned at a specific angle to control sun access at different intervals in the day. Open slats are excellent options for households interested in energy saving through natural cooling.

Open slat awnings are sometimes a preferred option by HOAs that limit the types of shade structures that can be put up in an area. If you live in a restricted neighborhood, you may want to consider open slats awnings.

9. Patio umbrellas

If you prefer movable patio awnings, patio umbrellas may be the best idea for your patio. These are especially ideal if you have different patios around your home and want to avoid installing full permanent awnings on both. With movable patio umbrellas, you can put them up when you want a bit of shade and remove them when you do not need them. You can get patio umbrellas for any budget, color, and size preference.

10. Frost glass awnings

Frost glass awnings are high-end options that require the services of a professional to install. They are characterized by horizontal steel or aluminum frames extending from the house to the patio. Frosted glass panels then extend and attack from the metal frame to cover the patio. This creates a shade over the patio, blocking out most of the UV rays. Frost glass awnings are common in modern-day house designs with concrete slab patios.

Frost glass awnings

11. Plant themed wooden awning

You should consider a wooden garden awning if you want an awning option that will give your patio a fresh garden feel. This comprises of standard wooden pillar roof covered in natural plants. It is a perfect option if you want to have a plant blend in your home.  

12. Double up patio awning

If your patio is part of a long veranda around your house, you should consider a double-up awning installation. This gives the space a complete look while offering shade over a larger area leading up to the patio space along the veranda.

Double up patio awning


When it comes to deciding on the best shade style for your patio, there are numerous options, which can be overwhelming. This article compiles twelve of the best patio awning ideas that can be a fit for any home. Choose one today and bring life into your outdoor spaces.   

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