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12 Amazing Awning Styles and Ideas to Complement Your Home

For anyone who owns a home, one of their primary goals is to try as much as possible to make the space comfortable, livable, and usable. Among the things that can be done to improve the comfort of a home is the installation of awnings.

An awning is a secondary covering commonly attached to the house’s exterior walls over a window, patio, door, or deck. While awnings are mainly decorative additions to a home, they also serve to improve cooling around the house. Awnings structured over doors and windows can significantly reduce the temperatures in the house, therefore lowering cooling costs. 

There are many different awning styles and designs to choose from. Acrylic is the most common material used for awnings covers for homes. This cover is fitted over an iron, aluminum, steel, or wooden structure attached to the house’s walls. Awnings can be fully automated and retractable or stationary, depending on your preference and needs.

If you are considering improving the curb appeal around your home with awnings, here are some of the best styles and ideas you can consider.

4 amazing awning styles and ideas for your front door

Enhance the traditional look of your front door with an antique awning

There are many stylish elements of a traditional design that can be used to give a home a unique and stylish finish. If traditional is the theme in your home, you can enhance the style of your door to communicate your style preference by adding an antique awning.

On top of the antique metal, you will notice a frosted glass shade that offers shielding from the hot sun or rain t the guests and homeowners whenever they step on the space. Frosted glass is an excellent idea for an awning cover if you still want to get natural light at your door minus the harmful rays.

antique awning

Semicircle decorative awning for arched front doors

If you live in a traditional home with a blend of Mediterranean design, this forged iron awning idea may be the best fit for your front door. The forged iron is created into a semicircle design that features ornaments and decorations to match the home’s overall aesthetics.

This semicircle awning is an excellent choice for homes in cooler areas as it does not offer complete protection from sun or rain since it is more decorative than functional. You can top off the look with wall metallic lanterns on the awning sides.

awning for arched doors

Timber awnings for an artsy door finish

If your house features an artsy wooden exterior, you should consider installing a timber awning to match the look. This is an awning cover placed on a wooden frame painted to match the surrounding walls.

While this awning is decorative, it is also highly functional as it offers maximum protection from the elements.

awnings for artsy door

Colored stripes fabric awnings to match the front door

If you are looking for something less permanent, you can consider going for a fabric awning that can be removed for cleaning to ensure your front entrance is always inviting. Fabric awnings are ideal for offering maximum protection from elements while still adding to the decorative aspect of your home.

The only time you will need to do without the awning is during winter, as the fabric may not be able to withstand the weight of the snow.

You can match the color of the awning stripes to the door and consider installing the same shade over the front window next to the door.  

Colored stripes fabric awnings

4 amazing awning styles and ideas for your windows

Panorama window awning

Panorama window awnings are ideal if you are looking for an awning that will offer full window coverage from the sun without getting in the way of your view. These window awnings are built with horizontal slates that make it possible for a bit of sun to sip through in colder months. This innovative style allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Panorama window awning

Modern style window awnings

If you live in a modern design home, you should only consider window awning options that will complement the modern feel of your home. This will ensure your exterior space perfecting efforts pay off and boost your curb appeal.

There are numerous modern design awnings options to choose from. These are usually made from solid materials that offer versatility. Modern design window awning is ideal if you value style more than functionality.

Modern style window awnings

Wood window awnings

These are excellent choices for someone looking for more aesthetic value than functionality. Most wooden awnings come latticed or slated, allowing sunlight through, therefore not offering full protection from the elements. How closely the wood is slated determines its functionality as a protective barrier, possibly providing a bit more relief from elements.

Wood window awnings

Rustic window awnings

If you are looking for a rustic window awning style for your home, garage, or shed, this option can add a weathered charm to any space. They provide style and protection for the windows and your home while sticking to the overall rustic feel you are going for.

Since rustic awnings are made from metal sheets, they are not retractable and do not allow sun through in colder months. This means that you can lose valuable daylight in the winter months.

Rustic window awnings

4 amazing awning styles and ideas for your patio or deck

Manual roll-out awning

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a little extra patio shade without installing something permanent. Also referred to as a retractable awning, a roll-out awning is made of an easy-to-fold material like cotton, canvas, vinyl, or polyester.

They are mounted on the wall and extended over the patio to offer shade, privacy, and shelter. The manual awning is retracted or extended using a hand crank with the benefit of not requiring electricity to work.

Manual roll-out awning

Pergola patio awnings

This type of awning is perfect for homes with wood exterior finishing. The wood panels are extended to look like part of the house, with a fabric awning on top to offer shade. You can also install frosted glass on the wooden beam for a see-through shade. This makes the patio usable all year round.

Pergola patio awnings

Sunshade awnings

If you are in the market for an affordable way to shade your patio space from the sun, then a sun shade is exactly what you need. These are low-cost awning covers that are easy to install and maintain. Most of them are not wind or rain-resistant and thus may require taking down in extreme weather. They are also excellent options for play spaces, pool area, and even driveways.

Stationary roof-like patio awnings

If you are looking for something more permanent, a solid roof-like awning may be a good idea. You can go for a clean polycarbonate roof to get maximum protection from UV rays while still having natural light in the space.

Stationary roof-like patio awnings

Whatever your awning needs are, any of the awning styles highlighted in this article can meet your door, windows, and patio awning needs.

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